PIPEX 2017 Exhibits


April 18, 2017

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Society Frame

Mobile Post Office Society


Society Frame

International Machine Cancel society


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Scouts on Stamps Society International


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Women Exhibitors


The Slogan Handstamps of Latvia: 1936-1940

Vesma Grinfelds


Special study of promotional handstamps applied to domestic mail


Club Exhibit

Salem Stamp Society


Club Exhibit

Tri-Cities Stamp Club


Club Exhibit

Oregon Stamp Society


Club Exhibit

Southern Oregon Philatelic Soc.


Club Exhibit

Pacific NW Postal History Society


Club Exhibit

Evergreen Stamp Club


Club Exhibit

Northwest Philatelic Library


Club Exhibit

Strait Stamp Society


Berlin Pneumatic Post 1876-1945

Heinrich von Stephan


To show the development and operation of the Berlin pneumatic mail system from its inception in December 1876 until April 1945


Censored, Rerouted, Suspended, Resumed: US International Mail in World War II

Louis Fiset


Illustrates the impact of WW II on transmission of US mail to foreign destinations


The Missions of Southern Rhodesia, 1897-1977

Mark Loomis


The exhibit illustrates missionary mail sent to and from Southern Rhodesia, along with information on the missions and missionaries serving there


Along the Shantung Railway, China: German Postal Administration 1900-1914

Louis Pataki


Postal History - Development of the German postal system associated with the Shantung Railway


A Philatelic Survey of U.S. Waterfowl Hunting Jurisdictions

Michael Jaffe


A comprehensive survey of the various jurisdictions that used waterfowl hunting stamps in the U.S.


Baden-Powel: The Two Lives of a Hero

Lawrence Clay


The story of two parts of the life of Baden-Powell: first as hero of the siege of Mafeking, second as founder of worldwide Scouting


Scout Post Cards: the Humorous Side

Lawrence Clay


A selection of scout post cards exhibiting the humorous side of worldwide boy and girl scouting


15th World Jamboree WJ '83

J. Alex Hadden


A Study in All Philatelic Aspects of the 15th World Jamboree, including the Stamp, Cancellations, Covers, Jamboree Post Office Operations, and Incoming and Outgoing Mail


Pan-Pacific Boy Scout Jamboree: A Philatelic and Postal History Review

Capt. John Owen Sr.


This exhibit includes the commemorative stamp (Scott 326), the artist's designs, imperf variety, and postal cancellations.


Spiders: Alien Creatures

Beatrice Vogel


A diversity of spiders are shown with their biology, lifestyle, and prey capture


The Collection of Postage Due Fees in Ireland 1914 to 1926

Robert Benninghoff


A review of the labels and stamps used to collect additional moneys owed the Post Office and Customs in Ireland from 1914 to 1926


Wings Over the Bahamas

John Wynns


This traditional single-frame exhibit tells the story of the 1969 airmail services stamps.


Swiss Flexible-head Razor Cancellers

Roger Heath


This exhibit traces the history of flexible-head, rotating date-wheel cancellers invented by Frederick DeCoppet of Lausanne, Switzerland


Nova Scotia Postal History to 1868

Robert Forster


Pre-stamp mail with handstamps, transit mail through the colony, and pence and cents stamps of colonial mail


Alexander Hamilton: Soldier, Financier, Statesman, Founder

Jack Congrove


This exhibit uses philatelic items, postcards, and historical material to illustrate the events in Hamilton's life and highlight his influence on the United States


Gum Breakers on BEP Stamp Production 1919 - 1981

Louis Fiset


History of BEP experiments to overcome paper curl on rotary press production of sheet and booklet pane stamps


West Meath Reflects on 1916

Anthony Hughes


The exhibit shows how County West Meath, Ireland reflects on Irish history during the first 25 years of the 20th century


M.S. Gripsholm: Ocean Liner, Cruise Ship, Mercy Ship

Louis Fiset


Documents the history of the world's first diesel powered passenger ship with an emphasis on her career as a WWII mercy ship


CANADA: The 1927 Confederation & Historical Issues Usage

John Wynns


A Study of Rates and Uses of these Nine Stamps


Off-Color U.S. 3-cent Commemoratives 1893-1940

Dickson Preston




Boer POW Camps in Ceylon 1900-1902

Michael Dixon


Mail to, from, and between Boer POWs held by the British in camps established in Ceylon

115-120 Court of Honor

Irish Coil Stamps 1922-1940

Robert Benninghoff


This exhibit traces the development and use of coil stamps in Ireland from Independence in 1922 to 1940


Operation and Innovation in the Dead Letter Office from 1859 to 1985

Tony Wawrukiewicz




The Barr-Fyke Machine Cancels of Mexico 1900-1908

Mike Ellingson


This exhibit will show all the towns and types of the Barr-Fyke machine cancels known from Mexico


The Postal History of U.S. Postage Due Stamps

Tony Wawrukiewicz


From 1879 to 1986, showing all ways U.S. postage due stamps were used


Guam Naval Postal Administration

Bradley Fritts




The Newfoundland Official Seals

William Barlow, Jr.


A new look at the watermark of the 1905 Newfoundland official seal, and an introduction to its largely forgotten 1944 companion


Lovely as a Tree

Cathie Stumpenhaus


A celebration of the beauty, diversity, and abundance of trees.  Trees on stamps and covers presented in three parts: celebration, scientific organization, and diversity


Returned To Writer (RTW) Unmailable and Undeliverable U.S. Domestic Surface First-Class Cards

Tony Wawrukiewicz


To show the complicated history of the return to writer process for unmailable and undeliverable U.S. domestic postal and post cards 1887-1985


The Boston Post Office and the Development of Machine Cancellations

William Barlow, Jr.


How Boston-area inventors and the Boston Post Office worked together in developing successful cancelling machines beginning in the last quarter of the 19th century


Guatemala: The Resplendent Quetzals 1881-1886

Michael Bloom


A traditional study of the resplendent quetzal stamps of Guatemala upon joining the UPU in 1881


Great Britain's Winston Churchill Centenary Stamps and First Day Covers

Todd Ronnei


A Review of the stamps' design, publicity for their release, first day covers and postal uses


Russian Mail to Britain "via Hamburg"

Ross Marshall


Exhibit shows all postal routes in the period 1817-1847 to Hamburg where mail transferred to British steamers.  Service ended 1847.


Invalid Postage Use

Lisa Foster


Covers and cards that were sent through the U.S. Postal Servie successfully without valid postage


Japan: Centennial of the 1860 USA Treaty

John Wynns


A Traditional Study of these Issues


Development of Swiss Airmail up to 1939

George Struble


Development from the first Swiss flown mail in 1913 to 1939, when WW II shut it down


Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Issues of British Guiana

John Wynns


A traditional study of the 1898 Jubilee stamps and the 1899 two cents surcharge stamps.  Domestic and foreign uses included.


Processing Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg Passenger Mail

Dickson Preston




The Provisional Government of Ireland Dec 1921 to Dec 1922

Robert Benninghoff


This exhibit shows the social and political history of Southern Ireland during the first year of independence from Great Britain


St. Louis Streetcar Mail 1892-1915

Gary Hendren


A look at the routes, markings, and usages of mail posted on the first street car mail service in the U.S.


Horace and Betty Get Married

Anne Harris




The 3-cent Palomar Mountain Observatory Issue

Ralph Nafziger


The development of the stamp from initiation and design to production, first day cancels, and worldwide uses


The Greek Occupation of Mytilene Stamps of 1912

Niko Courtelis


A survey of the Greek Occupation of Mytilene stamps of 1912


A.P.M.C. Flag cancels: Chicago 1895-1899

Lisa Foster


Machine flag cancels with die letters used at the main post office in Chicago, IL from 1895 to 1899


The 1947 CIPEX Souvenir Sheet

Dickson Preston


Ebullience at the International Exhibition


Talyllyn Railway Letter Service 1965-1980

Nancy Swan


Welsh Talyllyn Railway Letter Service issues and covers showing 15 years of rate changes and special cancels


The Cleveland Circuit R.P.O, 1908-1919

Matthew Liebson


Cleveland, Ohio's streetcar postal route and its markings


U.S. Mail Delivery Problems, 1851-1950

Jerry Johnson


A variety of problems with the delivery of U.S. mail in the period 1851-1950 is given in two sections -- Delayed delivery and Undelivered


Gold Rush Days

Dennis Hassler


California Stampless Covers 1842-1859


Hillcountry Honkytonk Rita: Labrador Retriever

Jane Fohn


Rita, Labrador retriever, tells her life story in her own words


Russian Mail via Galicia to UPU (1874)

Ross Marshall


Russian mail that transits Galicia (Poland) organized by routes to UPU in 1874


Andrew Restall, Stamp Designer

Brian Harmon

A review of the twenty-three stamps designed by Andrew Restall, including original artwork for both issued and unadopted designs


Shoemaker to the Stars

Judith Ireton


Postcards to cobblers who made custom shoes for circus performers -- clowns, acrobats, and wire walkers

230 Non-Competitive

The Homestead Act Seen Through Letters from Eastern Oregon 1905-1908

Homer n'Darange


This exhibit illustrates the requirements and process of the Homestead Act through letters that went through the mail in eastern Oregon from 1906 to 1908

231-236 Non-Competitive

SCADTA Mail from and to Switzerland

George Struble


Mail carriage by SCADTA was not a government service until 1932, so SCADTA's own stamps were needed on mail


Rockets over Alaska

Eric Knapp

Rocket Launch Covers from the Poker Flat Research Range

240 Non-Competitive

U.S. 3-cent 1851-1857 Washington: a Color Study

Marc Dochez