PIPEX 2018 Exhibits


January 14, 2018




Number of Frames


Court of Honor

Steve McGill

British Marvelous Machins: 1967-2017


Outlines the development of the denominated Machin series from inception to present day


Centenary of US Airmail Service (not the exact title)



Club Exhibits

Pacific Northwest Postal History Society

Oregon Stamp Society

Evergreen Stamp Club

Strait Stamp Society


Competitive Exhibits

Cathie Stumpenhaus

Lovely as a Tree: A Celebration of Trees


A celebration of the beauty, diversity, and abundance of trees.  Trees on stamps anc covers presented in two parts: Science; organization and trees in taxonomic order

Michael Bloom

Guatemala: the UPU Resplendent Quetzals 1881-1886


A traditional study of the Resplendent Quetzal stamps of Guatemala on joining the UPU in 1881

Michael Bloom

Guatemala Master Designer/Engraver: Arnaldo Chavarry Arrue


This exhibit celebrates the philatelic achievements of the most prolofic designer and engraver of Guatemala's stamps, J. Arnoldo Chavarry Arrue

Katherine Alves

Polar Pairs (AAT Postage Stamps)


Postage Stamps of the Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) from first issues complete to the last spaces in my hingeless album

Lizee Alves

Polar Pairs (AAT Postal History)


covers, mailed postcards and cancelled multiples reflecting the postal history of he Australian antarctic Territiry (AAT)

Stephen De Wit

Bayonet Baseball


Stamps and covers telling the story of baseball during periods of U.S. armed conflict

Lloyd Ferrell

Little-known Ships at Pearl Harbor


A study of covers from ships at Pearl Harbor that did not have onboard postal facilities

Ross Marshall

German Inland Postal Rates July1, 1923 to December 31, 1923


This exhibit chronicles the fourteen rate periods in six months of inflation, hyperinflation, and stabilisation where letter rates increased over 3,000,000 fold!

Ralph Nafziger

The 15-cent 1978 Viking Mars Issue


This exhibit presents information on the Mars Viking project, the stamp development from design to production, first day cancels and cachets, and worldwide uses

Eric Knapp

Alaska at War


World War II in Alaska and Western Canada

Hugh Lawrence

Postal Rates during the Gold Yuan era: The Chinese Hyperinflation of 1948-49


An exhibit using postal rates to illustrate the development of the Chinese hyperinflation of 1948-49

Dickson Preston

Postal Inflation in the Canal Zone 1958-1979


Show how the Canal Zone Postal Service adapted to rapid rate changes

Dickson Preston

U.S. Army Post Offices in Greenland 1941-1945


APO mail from isolated outposts in Greenland during World War II

Steve McGill

The British Non-denominated Definitive Series 1989 - 2017


The exhibit explores the technical development of the Machin series in its current format

Steve McGill

British Postal Mechanisation: from TRANSORMA to the modern era


Presents the history of British postal automation

John P Wynns

Jamaica: Uses of the Llandovery-Falls Issue


A study of the rates and usage of this stamp from domestic to foreign destinations

John P Wynns

Peru: The 1897 Lima Post Office Issue


A study of these three stamps from proofs to usage

John P Wynns

Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Issues of British Guiana


A trditional exhibit of these issues from 1898 to 1899

John P Wynns

Canada: Uses of the 1927 Confederation and Historical Issues


A study of the rates, uses and routes (certain covers) of these nine stamps