PIPEX Exhibits 2019



Court of Honor: Guatemala: The UPU Resplendent Quetzals 1881-1886

Michael Bloom

A traditional study of the resplendent quetzal stamps of Guatemala upon joining the UPU in 1881


Larry Spray


A memorial tribute to our friend


An Introduction to Revenue Collecting




A Teaching Exhibit on Revenue Collecting




A Fiscal History of the U.S. Documentary Taxes 1898-1902

Frank Sente

A study demonstrating the application, via contemporary documents, of the documentary taxes prescribed by the Revenue Law of 1898


2-cent "Liberty-head" U.S. Revenue Tax Stamps 1875-1883

John Bowman

The last of the Civil War revenue taxes


Alabama Tax on Seals Revenue Stamp 1866-1884

John Bowman

After the Civil War, Alabama taxed each use of a seal on documents signed by a state official, a form of disenfranchisement


A Philatelic Study of US Waterfowl Hunting Jurisdictions

Michael Jaffe

A comprehensive survey of the various jurisdictions that used waterfowl hunting stamps in the U.S.


Washington State Food Tax Stamps

Clifford Armstrong

Washington food products for which stamps were issued


Washington State Apple Tax Stamps

Clifford Armstrong

Washington State issued tax stamps for apples starting in 1934 to 1961 when a new method was provided


Legal Alcohol During the Prohibition Era: A State and Federal Fiscal History

Eliot Ness

Tax and control measures used by federal and state governments during the prohibition era


Club Exhibit -- Oregon Stamp Society


Club Exhibit -- Tri-Cities Stamp Club


Club Exhibit -- Greater Eugene Stamp Society


Club Exhibit -- Puget Sound Stamp Club


US Internment of Noncombatants in World War II (1939-1948)

Louis Fiset

Shows mail of detained and interned German, Italian, and Japanese non-combatant enemy nationals held by the U.S.


Aspects of Postal Manuscript in New Zealand

Ross Marshall

This exhibit shows a variety of manuscript use by NZ postal officials in the performance of their duties as set out in the "Post Office Rules"


Mail between USA and France in World War II (1939-1945)

Louis Fiset

Shows mail between USA and France before, during, and after German occupation


Boer POW Camps in Ceylon 1900-1902

Michael Dixon

Mail to, from, and between Boer POWs held by the British in camps established in Ceylon


Evolution of DELAG International Airmail 1909-1936

Semyon Melamed

DELAG Zeppelin flights were among the most popular events of all time.  This exhibit presents a thorough study of Zeppelin mail carried on DELAG flights and history of DELAG


Club Exhibit -- Salem Stamp Society


Club Exhibit -- Evergreen Stamp Club


Club Exhibit -- Pacific Northwest Postal History Society


Club Exhibit -- Strait Stamp Society


Unissued and Amended Stamps of the USSR

Semyon Melamed

Thorough study of unapproved Soviet stamps and reasons for their rejections, amendments, and replacements


Latvia: Postmarks and Postal Routes of the Pre-stamp Era

Vesma Grinfelds

Postal history study of markings and routes within the territory of what is known as Latvia today


Prisoner Mail during French Wars and Insurrections, to 1871

Louis Fiset

Mail of military and political prisoners generated during French wars and insurrections, from the Napoleonic era through the fall of the commune of Paris


Study of the Small Circular Design Examiner Markings, Type EM-4 and Type Em-5 Used at the General Post Office in New York City

Wayne Schuetz

The exhibit explains the 73 different examiner markings used at the GPO in New York City 1883-1902


Postal History of the Examiner Markings, Type EM-7 Used at the General Post Office in New York City 1902-1920

Wayne Schuetz

The exhibit explains the 24 different examiner markings used at the GPO in New York City 1902-1920


Go for the Gold!  The Introduction of Women in the Olympic Games

Laurie Anderson

An overview of women's participation and achievements in the modern Olympic Games as sports/events were introduced


Non-competitive: The UK Interns Her Resident Refugees Fleeing the Third Reich (1940-1942)

Art Farnsworth

Mail of prewar UK-resident refugees from Nazism interned in England, Isle of Man, Canada, and Australia


The 1932 Washington Bicentennial Commemorative Stamps

Marjory Sente

This traditional philatelic exhibit explores the creation, production, and usage of the Washington Bicentennial commemorative stamps


The 3-cent Perforate Wisconsin Tercentenary Issue

Ralph Nafziger

The exhibit traces the issue from the development of the stamp to its production, errors and freaks, FDC cancels and cachets, and uses.


Court of Honor: The Trucial States Palm Trees and Dhow Series of 1961

Emory Earl Toops

Stamps, cancellations, and covers of the "first" Trucial States issue that were the forerunners of the controversial "sand dune" countries


The Ways U.S. Postage Due Stamps Were Used 1879-1986

Tony Wawrukiewicz

Shows many ways U.S.postage due stamps were used from 1879 to 1986, also where or when they were placed


United States Third Class Mail

Jerry Johnson

This exhibit shows the development of third class mail from the 1850s to the 1950s.


The 1876 Centennial Exhibition Issue of Postal Entires: a Study of Uses

David Snow

A study of both domestic and foreign uses including from the Philadelphia Exposition Station


What do I do now?

Michael P. Anderson

Using stamps and covers of Hawaii, the exhibit demonstrates there is no end to collecting possibilities for a country or topic regardless of financial limitations


Candid Philately

Josiah Brown

Chronological snapshot of modern photography from earliest advertising covers, Mark Braveman album pages to the author's own photo of a poster stamp


Cacti and Succulent Stamps

Alaina Beedle

A single-frame topical exhibit focused on cactus covers, cachets, stamps and ephemera


Canine Kindness

Madison Gordon

A topical single-frame celebration of man's best friend in service roles.  Highlights covers and worldwide stamps


Alaska at War

Eric Knapp

World War II in Alaska and Western Canada


Operation and Innovation in the Dead Letter Office from 1860 to 1985

Tony Wawrukiewicz

Illustrates both basic activities in the dead letter office and innovations in its operation from 1860 to 1985


St. Paul, Oregon: A Survey of its Postal History

Tim Bergquist

This single-frame exhibit surveys the history of St. Paul postal activities and events


Non-competitive: SCADTA Mail to and from Switzerland

George Struble

Mail carriage by SCADTA was not a government service until 1932, so SCADTA had to issue its own stamps.


The Great American Eclipse 2017

Lisa Foster

An exhibit showcasing the celestial event and covers from post offices in the path of totality


Lovely as a Tree

Cathie Stumpenhaus

A philatelic presentation of the science, beauty, diversity, and abundance of trees


RMS Franconia 1910-1916

Ross Marshall

An exploration of Cunard liner 'Franconia' from launch in 1910 to the sinking in 1916


The Sacred Peafowl

Carol Edholm

Exploration of why this ornamental bird is revered around the world


Nova Scotia Colonial Postal History

Robert Forster

Stampless, pence issue, and cents issue covers to 1868


Nepal's Telegraph Issues of 1917-1930 -- ˝, 1, 2, and 4 annas

Frank Vignola

Nepal's classic kukris designed stamps used and issued for payment of telegraph fees


The 1850 First Issue of Austria and Lombardy-Venetia: a Study of Uses

David Snow

Shows on-cover uses of all ten denominations with explanations of rates and fees


Around the World with Robert Carrington

Dale Forster

A New Yorker's attempts to expand his business to California and Australia


Chantecler -- A Play in Four Acts

Anne Harris

Edmond Rostand's 1910 satirical play about the Parisian wealthy


Development of Refusé Markings on Swiss Mail 1855–1940

Roger Heath

Refused mail markings on Swiss correspondence


Chefoo Local Post, China 1893-96

Sam Chiu

This exhibit aims to show that there was an actual demand and need for the stamps and services of Chefoo local Post by foreign residents


Non-competitive: Scavenger Hunt

See Note 1 below

Scavenger hunts are fun!  Plus they make you look at your collections with new eyes.  Why not ask your club to run a scavenger hunt?


Use of $5 Stamps for Registry Fees on Security and Banknote Transfers: 1933-48

Edward Field

The exhibit shows registered covers with $5 Fourth Bureau/Prexie stamps paying supplemental surcharges


Hotel Schweizerhof, Luzern: Reflecting the Rise of Tourism during La Belle Epoque (1870–1914) 

Roger Heath

Peace after the Franco-Prussian War led to wealthy tourists travelling throughout Europe; the Schweizerhof catered to these travelers, as demonstrated by postal items transiting the hotel mail room


Christina Broom -- her Work as a Photographer

Donna Trathen

This thematic postcard exhibit shows life in London, England (1903-1939) photographed by Christina Broom, considered to be Great Britain's first female press photographer


Mozambique Company after November 1918

Lester Wadsworth

Archival material, stamps and usages of the 1918-1941 issues of Mozambique Company


Guatemala's Master Designer/Engraver: Arnaldo Chavarry Arrue

Michael Bloom

This exhibit celebrates the achievements of the most prolific designer and engraver of Guatemala's stamps: Arnaldo Chavarry


Non-competitive: Missionary Development of Southern Rhodesia to 1980

Mark Loomis

This "social history" exhibit tells the story of missionary development in Southern Rhodesia through the display of missionary mail and other materials


Hot Times in the Cold War

Larry Crain

Key events of the Cold War are shown with items that were indirectly involved


Superman: Celebrating 80 Years of an American Icon

Tim Bergquist

This exhibit focuses on Superman over 80 years from 1938 to 2018


The Large Mark Values of the Germania Series

David Barnette

The stamps, varieties, used blocks, and usages of the Germany Germania series (1900-1923)


The United Nations General Assembly Issues of France - 1948

Greg Galletti

This is a traditional exhibit presenting the stamps issued by the French Government to commemorate the United Nations General Assembly meeting of 1948 at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, France.


Note 1: Exhibitor for the exhibit in frame 204: Philatelic Society of Examiners of Unusually Detailed Objects

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