PIPEX 2020 Exhibits


January 10, 2020


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Joe Voice

The US Navy Mass Flight of January 1937


A Single-frame exhibit that tells the story of the mass flight of PB4-1 flying boats from San Diego to Pearl Harbor in January 1937

Jerry Johnson

U. S. Circular Mail: 1845 - 1863


Overview of U. S. circular mail (printed matter) from 1845 to 1863

Mark Loomis

The Missionary Development of Southern Rhodesia 1897-1977


Exhibit tells the story of the missionary development of Southern Rhodesia through the display of missionary mail and other materials

Mark Gonzalez

Mazatlan Postal District -- from Independence through the Classic Period


A comprehnsive survey of the marks, stamps, and issues of the Mazatlan postal district during the Republican and Classics periods, 1821-1883

Ralph Nafziger

The 3-cent 1936 Oregon Territory Issue


Development of the stamp from design to production, first day cancels and cachets, and worldwide uses of the stamp are shown in this exhibit

Jack Congrove

Alexander Hamilton: Soldier, Financier, Statesman, Founder


This exhibit uses philatelic items, postcards, and historical material to illustrate the events in Hamilton’s life and highlight his influence on the United States.

Jack Congrove

Scott Identification Letters


Traditional exhibit shows an example of each identification letter combination used in the current editions of the Scott Catalogues.

Michael Bloom

Guatemala's Master Designer/Engraver Arnaldo Chavarry Arrue


This exhibit celebrates the philatelic achievements of the most prolific designer and dngraver of Guatemala's stamps: Arnaldo Chavarry

Michal Bloom

The Essays and Proofs of Guatemala -- Excluding Designs by Arnaldo Chavarry


Proofs and essays of Guatemala from Guatemala's first stamps to its last stamps. Includes many proposed designs that have rarely been seen. Beautiful pen-and-ink artists' sketches

Harold Peter

Köslin -- a Prussian City in Pommerenia


This exhibit will not only demostrate the development of the postmarks/cancels of the city of Köslin in Pommerania (Prussia) but also illustrates other pertinent features and specialties as to usage and type of mailing on entires from as early as 1588 - 1945

Lloyd Ferrell

Little-known Pearl Harbor Ships -- without Postal Facilities


A study of covers from ships present during the Pearl Harbor attack that did not have on board postal facilities

Dale Forster

Astoria -- First Western Post Office


Astoria Oregon postal history 1830-1865

Ann Harris

Willie's Concussed Dreams


Installment and folded installment postcards telling the story of Willie's dreams

Harold Peter

German Military Internees in Schleswig-Holstein May 5 - January 31, 1945


Schleswig-Holstein was divided into three internees restricted areas, bypassing the Geneva Convention regulations regarding POW's by the 8th British Army Corps. Documentation of opening mail services into and out of these restricted areas, named restricted areas F, G, and Army Group Muller

Tim Bergquist

St. Paul Oregon 97137: Its Postal History since 1874


Focuses on the postal history of St. Paul in Marion County since 1874 when its post office was established