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Jury & Awards

Competitive philatelic entries at PIPEX 2019 will be judged
by an American Philatelic Society approved panel of accredited judges:

Kathy Johnson, Chief Judge, Galena, IL
British Commmonwealth, Single Frame, Stampless, Worldwide
Mark Banchik, Great Neck, NY
Aerophilately, Latin America, Mexico, Postal History, Revenues
Alan Warren, Exton, PA
Censorship, First Day Covers, Scandinavia, Tibet
Jane Sodero, Dothan, AL
Canada, Postal History, Postcards, Single Frame, Youth
Norma Nielson, Eugene, OR
Thematic, USA, Canada, Postcards
Mark Loomis, Tigard, OR
Apprentice Judge

Portland Philatelic Exhibitions will make available to the jury panel,
with no restrictions on numbers,
PIPEX Large Gold, Gold, Large Vermeil, Vermeil,
Large Silver, Silver, Silver Bronze and Bronze Medals.

Pipex Medals
Portland Philatelic Exhibitions will also provide
PIPEX Grand Award
PIPEX Reserve Grand Award

PIPEX One Frame Grand Award
Best Club Exhibit Award
(Voted by Show Attendees)

The Grand Award winner will be invited to participate in the APS
Champion-of-Champions event at StampShow in August, 2019;
the Single-frame Grand Award winner will be invited to participate
in the Champion of Champions event at the Ameristamp show in 2019

The following is the awards list for PIPEX 2018;
it is anticipated that the 2019 awards will similar,
with awards appropriate for the 2019 convening societies:

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors
  • Award of Honor (Gold & Silver) - Excellence in Presentation
  • Creativity Award - Most Creative Exhibit
  • Novice Award - First Time Exhibitor
  • Plan and Heading Award
  • Youth Grand Award
  • Youth 1st, 2nd and 3rd Ribbons
American Air Mail Society
  • Gold Medal
American Philatelic Congress
  • Award for best text
American Philatelic Society
  • Medal of Excellence pre-1900
  • Medal of Excellence 1900-1940
  • Medal of Excellence 1940-1980
  • Medal of Excellence post-1980
  • Research Award
American Revenue Association (ARA)
  • Grand Award (Best Multi-Frame Exhibit)
  • Grand Award (Best Single-Frame Exhibit)
  • Gold Silver and Bronze Ribbons
American Topical Association
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Medals
  • One Frame Merit Award
  • Youth Award
Auxiliarly Markings Club
  • Award of Merit
Military Postal History Society
  • Best Postal Military Postal History Exhibit  (Certificate Award)
Oregon Stamp Society Foundation
  • Youth Awards
Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs
  • Thunderbird Award (Two Awards)
Northwest Philatelic Library
  • Tom Current British Exhibit Award (Best British Related Exhibit)
Postal History Society, Inc.
  • Postal History Society Medal
Professional Stamp Experts, Inc. (PSE)
  • Greatest Level of Storytelling Award
Robert Benninghof Awards
  • Best Silver or Less Multi-Frame Award
State Revenue Society
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals
United Postal Stationary Society
  • Best Postal Stationary Exhibit
Upper Bongoland Philatelic Society
  • Larry Spray Encouragement Award
U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, Inc.
  • Medal
U.S. Stamp Society
  • Statue of Freedom Medal
Women Exhibitors
  • Sterling Achievement Award
People's Choice Award
  • Voted by Show Attendees

The list of available awards will be extended or reduced contingent upon the scope of the exhibits accepted in competition. Moreover, no guarantees are given that the named societies will provide their awards.

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