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This will be a virtual show, now with GCS status
(Grand Championship Series is the virtual shows equivalent of WSP shows)

May 7, 8, 9 2021

Portland, Oregon


Exhibit No. Name No. of
Exhibit Title
Address Description
Medal Points Special Awards
1 Joe Voice 1 The US Navy Mass Flight of January 1937
Pasco WA A Single-frame exhibit that tells the story of the mass flight of PBY-1 flying boats from San Diego to Pearl Harbor in January 1937
V 79 AAPE Novice
2 Roger Heath 10 Swiss Flexible-Head Razor Cancelers
Port Townsend WA This exhibit documents the story of the Swiss experimental flexible-head, rotating date-wheel cancelers invented by Frederic deCoppet
LG 93 American Helvetia Philatlic Society Award
3 Roger Heath 4 Reflecting the Rise of Tourism during La Belle Epoque -- Hotel Schweizerhof, Luzern: 1871-1914
Port Townsend WA A social history exhibit showing the development of postal communication to and from the Hotel Schweizerhof between 1871 and 1914
LV 84  
4 Eric Knapp 4 Cold War Radar Stations in the North
Anchorage AK The Cold War radar and communications stations in Alaska 1953-1995
S 69
5 Emory Earl Toops 1 The Trucial States Palm Trees and Dhow Series of 1961
Fort Wayne IN Stamps, cancellations, and covers of the "first" Trucial States issue that were the forerunners of the controversial "sand dunes" countries
G 87  
6 Emory Earl Toops 2 Provisional Issues of South Vietnam and their Use: 1963-1980
Fort Wayne IN A study of labels issued by the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (NLF) and stamps of the Provisional Revolutionary Government (PRG) and their use after 1975
LV 84 AAPE Gold
7 Hugh Lawrence 1 The Non-denominated Air Letter Sheets of China
Encinitas CA A philatelic window on hyperinflation, the fall of China, and the Taiwan Strait crisis
LG 90 APS Award of Excellence 1940-1980; Postal Stationary One Frame Award
8 Jerry Johnson 1 U.S Circular Mail: 1845-1863
Kennewick WA An overview of circular mail (printed matter) from 1845 to 1863
G 88
9 Catherine and Ken Gilbert 1 96 Elephants: The Story of Human-Elephant Interactions
Columbus OH A brief history of human-elephant interactions, through stamps and covers
LS 71 ATA One Frame Award
10 Ken Gilbert 6 Landpost uber Lehrte: An Example of the Rural Mail System in Germany 1933-1992
Columbus OH Study of the rural mail system in Germany using Lehrte as a model
G 85
11 Tim Bergquist 1 St. Paul Oregon 97137: Its Postal History since 1874
Eugene OR Focuses on the postal history of St. Paul, Oregon since 1874 when its post office was established
SB 64 NWFSC Thunderbird Award
12 Tim Bergquist 1 The Constitution of the U.S.A.: Illustrated
Eugene OR This exhibit illustrates the various articles and amendments of the U.S. constitution using U.S. stamps
B 58 Upper Bongoland Award
13 Dickson Preston 7 Greenland Postal History 1938-1985
Seattle WA Development of the civilian postal service in this vast and isolated Arctic island
G 85  
14 Dickson Preston 2 US Army Post Offices in Greenland 1941-1945
Seattle WA APO mail from isolated outposts in Greenland during World War II
LV 84
15 Michael Mather 6 London Cancels -- Development During the Victorian Period
Kentville  Nova Scotia Tracing the development of London postal markings from the Maltese cross to the combined date and obliterator during Victoria's reign
LV 84  
16 Raymond Murphy 2 An Post Advertising
St. Petersburg, FL The Irish Post Office changed from a deficit-ridden ministry to one of Europe's most modern and profitable, in part due to advertising
V 75
17 John P Wynns 1 JAMAICA: The 1901 Llandovery Falls Issue
Tucson AZ  A Study of the Rates and Usage
LV 83  
18 John P Wynns 1 Wings Over the Bahamas
Tucson AZ  A traditional study of the 1969 stamps and forerunners
V 76
19 Kurt Streepy 1 1924 Panama Arms Issue for the Isthmus at Panama
Bloomington IN  This exhibit explores the development and use of the 1924 Panama Arms issue within the isthmus of Panama
V 76  
20 George Struble 1 1920 Basel-Frankfurt Airmail Service: What a Fiasco!
Salem OR The plane landed in Loerrach -- the German airport near Basel -- only 13 days, and only 102 pieces of mail were flown from Loerrach the entire period
G 86
21 George Struble 5 Swiss Airmail to the U.S.: A Rate Study -- Non-competitive
Salem OR  A rich story of treatment and rates of airmail service; who knew a rate study could be this interesting?!
22 David Zemer 1 The Panama 1c Balboa American Bank Note Company Stamp: Its Printings and a Special Study of the Center-Invert
Oslo Norway This exhibit concludes a 30-year study of Panama Sc. 197, and explains the mystery behind the center invert, Sc. 197a. Included are pre-production material, specimens, booklets, covers, and four of the known ten center-inverts.
LG 90
23 Louis Fiset 5 French Interzone and Free Zone Mail during the German Occupation (1940-1943)
Seattle WA  Focuses on a system of mail delivery between the Occupied Zone and Free Zone during the occupation of France in World War II
LG 93 RESERVE GRAND + Military Postal History - Best
24 Ralph Nafziger 1 A Soldier's Diary -- The World War I North Russia Expedition
Albany OR A soldier's experiences in the title campaign is chronicled in diary excerpts and using postal history from the expedition
LV 83 AAPE Creativity Award
25 Jaime Benavides 1 Jesuit Mail at the Time of the Correo Mayor of New Spain
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico A collection of all postal marks used during the Correo Mayour period (1736-1767) in the viceroyalty of New Spain
26 Sam Chiu 10 Hankow, China, 1891-1919
North York, Ontario Canada The postal history of central China's city of Hankow for its Chinese post office and other foreign post offices are shown to the end of WW I
27 Eric Lee 1 The Last Hurrah of the Beer Stamp: the 1947 Series
Quincy IL This exhibit documents the usage of beer stamps under the Revenue Acts of 1943 and 1951
LV 83 AAPE Gold
28 Michael Bloom 10 The Essays and Proofs of Guatemala
Portland OR Essays and proofs from the entire period of Guatemala philately are displayed, including unique archival material and artists' sketches
G 86
29 Larry Fillion 3 Canal Zone's 1962 Anti-Malaria Airmail Stamp and its First Day Covers
Acton MA This is a traditional first day cover exhibitof the Canal Zone 7-cent Anti-malaria stamp issued on September 24, 1962 which was part of the World Health Organization's 1962 "The World United Against Malaria" stamp campaign
LG 90 Am First Day Cover Soc Award
30 Marcela Diaz Cabal 5 Cervantes y El Quijote: Trascendencia y Universidad -- Una aproximacion a traves de la imagen y la palabra
Panama City,
Republic of Panama
The exhibit presents the writer Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra inserting himself in the fascinating historical moment that he is living and analyzes Don Quijote de la Mancha
G 86 ATA 2ND
31 Eric Knapp 1 Alaska's Gold Rush Forts: 1897 - 1925
Anchorage AK The U.S. Army forts established in Alaska during the Klondike gold rush and the smaller related gold rushes
V 73  
32 John P Wynns 3 Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Issues of British Guiana
Tucson AZ A study of the stamps and usage
LV 83
33 Michael Ley 8 Burma -- The Post War Transitional Issues of 1945 to 1947
Doniphan NE A study of Burma stamps -- 1945 to 1947 and their uses: 1945 British military administration,; 1946 British civil administration; 1947 interim government issues
LG 90  
34 Tony Wawrukiewicz 6 The Ways U.S. Postage Due Stamps Were Used, 1879 - 1986
Portland OR Ways postage due stamps were used when adhesive stamps were allowed, and whether use indicated actual due collection, 1879-1986
LG 93 APS Research Award
35 Tony Wawrukiewicz 7 Operation and Innovation in the Dead Letter Office from 1860 to 1985
Portland OR Illustrates both basic activities and innovations in the operation of the Dead Letter Office and division of dead letters from 1860 to 1985
G 89 Postal History Society Medal
36 Bruce Marsden 5 Swiss Fondue -- Switzerland through Philately
New Hope PA A thematic exhibit using a variety of philatelic elements to tell the story of Switzerland as an independent nation and global diplomatic center
V 78
37 Bradley Wilde 1 Canal Zone Mail Flown by the Zeppelins
Washington DC Canal Zone Zeppelin mail showing flights and commercial mail toand from the Canal Zone
V 78  
38 Brian Callan 10 Irish Postal Stationery -- the Iconic Harp 1924-1983
Bishopstown, Cork, Ireland This exhibit shows the first postal stationery introduced by the new independent Ireland, using the iconic Irish harp until it was retired in 1983
G 85 Postal Stationery Marcus White
39 Raymond Villeneuve 1 Canadian Participation in the 1908 Franco-British Exhibition
Canmore, AB, Canada Postcard exhibit showcasing the canadian Pavilion and its popular attractions at the 1908 Franco-British Exhibition held in London
V 76  
40 Dawn Hamman 5 Abraham Lincoln's Life and Legacy
Venice FL A picture postcard exhibit chronicling Lincoln's life and tributes following his assassination
41 David Bartlet 1 15th World Scout Moot 2017
Calgary AB The 15th World Scout Moot was held in Iceland in 2017 and attended by 6000 scouts from around the world
S 68  
42 Mark Schwartz 8 The 5-cent Virginia Dare Stamp of 1937 -- a "Traditional" First Day Exhibit
Philadelphia PA Includes pre-production, first day cachets, and postal use materials
G 87
43 Liam Malone 1 The Controversial United States James Hoban Stamp
Washington DC The story behind the first day ceremony being switched and why the US 20c James Hoban stamp was also issued
S 69 WE Achievement Award
44 Margaret 1 Commercial Uses of the Australian Pound-denominated Postage Stamps (sorry – not on parcel tags!)
Urbana IL To show commercial uses of ten of the 14 Australian pound-denominated postage stamps on postal articles other than parcel tags.
G 85
45 Neil Donen 1 The Ill-fated 1935 Tasman Jubilee Flight
Victoria BC Describes outcome of mail saved on the outbound Australian flight and that scheduled to be flown on the return flight from New Zealand
G 89  APS Award of Excellence - 1900-1940
46 Greg Galletti 5 The League of Nations -- the War Years
Mt. Airy MD This postal history exhibit is a study of the rates, routes, markings, and significant events that caused turmoil with mail sent from and to the League of Nations just prio to, during, and directly following WW2
G 89
47 Ladd Faszold 1 Fake/Fictitiuos Postal Card Surcharges of 1920 and 1952
Glencoe MO This exhibit introduces narratives, origins, and connections of unauthorized surcharges on postal cards, mimicking pfficial surcharges of 1920 and 1952
G 89  
48 Fran Adams 8 United Nations Origins 1938-1942
San Diego CA Roosevelt and Churchill Mold a New World Peace Organization
G 88  ATA 1ST
49 Jean-Claude Porignon 7 The Maximilian Empire Issue of Mexico (1866-67)
Plailly, Oise, France This 9 months issue of Maximilian effigy is peculiar: two different printing processes, currency change (from reals ot centavos) with frequent overprinting, political stamps positioning, and added taxation
LV 84  
50 Marc Gonzales 8 Mazatlan Postal District -- from Independence through the Classic Period
Denver CO Stamps, covers, and usages from 1820s to 1880s of Mazatlan Mexico
G 86 APS Award of Excellence - pre 1900
51 Luc Freve 1 From Sail to Rail -- California Mail to/from British North America
Quebec, QC, Canada Postal history exhibit describing how the mail was handled between California and BNA until the completion of the transcontinental railway
LG 93 BNAP Best
52 Mark Loomis 3 The History of the Bible-- Non-competitive
Tigard OR  
53 Mohammad Abu Al Hasan 3 Postal Contribution in UNESCO Campaign on Save the Nubian Monuments -- Non-competitive
Dhaka, Bangladesh The exhibit illustrates the postal contribution from different countries to raise funds and in bringing public attentionon the UNESCO campaign


Important Dates


PIPEX exhibits are full; no more exhibits can be accepted

May 8, 2021

Awards will be posted to the website
Judges' Feedback Session -- by Zoom -- 11:00 a.m. PDT

Individual Exhibits

Prospectus for PIPEX 2021 – Downloadable, printable PDF file New version Feb. 22
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Club Exhibits
No Club Exhibits in 2021

Every club or society that is a member of the Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs is invited to show at PIPEX 2021 a Club Exhibit.  This one-frame, noncompetitive exhibit can showcase the club itself and interesting pages by its members.  The exhibit will contain a fascinating variety of treasures by -- preferably -- fifteen members of the club.  The normal frame fee is reduced for these exhibits.


Club Exhibit Prospectus – Downloadable, printable PDF file (not current for 2021)

Club Exhibit Entry Form – Downloadable, printable PDF file (not current for 2021)


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