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This will be a Hybrid show. 
ALL exhibits will be mounted virtually on the PIPEX website; they will be judged on the website. 
Exhibitors are encouraged also to bring their exhibits and mount them on the floor. 
Exhibit fees are the same whether mounted on the floor or not.

The judges’ feedback session will be Saturday morning, May 6. This will be a hybrid Zoom event; some judges and some exhibitors will be present while other judges and exhibitors will participate remotely. Judges who are present may confer at the frames with exhibitors present at the show for whom they are first responders; other exhibitors should not expect feedback or conference opportunities other than the Saturday morning feedback session and the written UEEF evaluations.

May 5 - 7, 2023

Monarch Hotel, 12566 SE 93rd Ave,
Clackamas, OR 97015 (just outside Portland)


Important Dates

February 1, 2023
March 1

March 14
May 2
May 4

Deadline for convening societies’ exhibit application preference
Deadline for exhibit applications and for updated title/synopses pages

PIPEX Competitive Exhibits are closed.
Deadline for receipt of virtual copies of exhibits
Deadline for receipt of shipped exhibits
Personal delivery of exhibits

Individual Exhibits

Prospectus for PIPEX 2023 – Downloadable, printable PDF file
Prospectus auf Deutsch

Exhibit Entry Form – Downloadable, printable PDF file

Club Exhibits

PIPEX invites exhibits from each of the clubs in the Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs.  Club Exhibits are intended to showcase the stamp clubs in the Northwest Federation and the interests of their members, and to encourage exhibiting among their members.  Each exhibit is one frame, with pages supplied preferably by fifteen club members, plus a page of informaton about the club.  Club exhibits will not be judged by the PIPEX jury, but show attendees will vote on the best, and a trophy will be awarded (to be held until the next PIPEX). 

Club exhibit entries should be mailed to George Struble, to arrive by March 5, 2023.

Club Exhibit Prospectus -- Downloadable, printable PDF file

Club Exhibit Entry Form -- Downloadable, printable PDF file

Exhibit No. Name No. of Frames Exhibit Title
Address Description
Frame Numbers Medal Special Awards
Court of Honor
Court of Honor Stephen McGill 7 British Postal Mechanisation: From TRANSORMA to the Modern Era
Highlands Ranch, CO The exhibit presents the evolution of the four main mechanisation threads beginning in the 1930’s that ultimately produced automated letter handling
Court of Honor 2 Giovanni Balimann 8 Cancelling Machines in Switzerland
Switzerland Cancelling machines tested and eventually introduced by the Swiss postal administration, including cancelling devices for dedicated applications only
Competitive Exhibits
1 Ross Marshall 8 The Greymouth Coalfield of New Zealand
Otorohanga, New Zealand A unique exhibit, a combination of postal history, coal mining, social and industrial history -- a study of the "coal chain" and social aspects of this coal field
LV/80 Professional Stamp Experts, Inc.: "It's Not Just Stamps" Award
2 Michael Mather 6 London Cancels - Development during the Victorian Period
Kentville, Nova Scotia To trace the development of London postal markingsfrom the Maltese cross to the combined date and obliterator changes
3 Bruce Marsden 1 Helvetia Visits Six Continents!  Switzerland's Imperforate Sitting Helvetia  "Strubels" -- International Destinaations 1855-1862
New Hope, PA Postal and social history of communications from Switzerland during the mid-19th century
143 LV/82  
4 Henrik Mouritsen 6 The Bicoloured Skilling Stamps of Denmark 1870-1874
Oldenburg, Germany This traditional exhibit presents the Danish bicoloured skilling stamps. For the first time ever in an ewxhibit, all 45 different inverted frames existing are shown.
  LG/95 Grand Award; National Stamp Dealers Association: Outstanding Presentation Award
5 Semyon Melamed 8 Giants of the Sky! Zeppelin Airships and their Mail: Demonstration Flights 1900-1931
La Jolla, CA Exhibit explores mail flown by German Zeppelin airships during the demonstration flights period -- from 1900 to 1931
  LG/93 AAMS Grand Award; AAPE Award of Excellence -- Treatment; APS: Medal of Excellence: 1900-1940; AMS Large Gold
6 Greg Galletti 10 The Overprinted Issues of Switzerland for the SdN and BIT (1922-1946)
Mt Airy, MD A traditional exhibit of stamps and postal history documenting the use of stamps overprinted for use by the SdN and BIT
  LG/90 AHPS Bronze Award
7 Ralph Nafziger 10 The 15-cent 1978 Viking Mars Issue
Albany, OR Information is provided on the Mars Viking Project, the stamp development from design to production, first day cancels, and worldwide uses
31-40 LV/81  
8 Leon Hong Li 8 Pre-Stamp Period of Ecuador
Hong Kong The exhibit shows the development of the postal system in Ecuador before the fist stamp was issued on 1st January 1865
  LG/92 APS Medal of Excellence: Pre-1900; Postal History Society Medal
9 Steve McGill 8 Britain's Marvelous Machins
Highlands Ranch, CO Explores the variety driving factors in the first 50 years of the service
11-18 LG/95 Reserve Grand Award
10 Dickson Preston 6 Postal Inflation in the Canal Zone 1958-1979
Seattle, WA Measures taken by the Canal Zone Postal Service to meet the frequent increases in rates of postage
11 Fabien Barnier 10 The Bust of William Tell: Uses between 1914 and 1942
Dijon, France Letter post, postal parcels, optional services (R, express, urgent, air mail), postal forms, customs, and other cases
12 Richard Wilson 3 Dominion of Canada Law Stamps
Bedford, NY A traditional three-frame revenue exhibit exploring the development and use of the law stamps of Canada
  G/87 BNAPS: Best BNA 2 to 4 Frame exhibit; BNAPS: Best BNA Research
13 Tim Bergquist 1 Howard Koslow and his U.S. Postage Designs
Eugene, OR This one-frame topical exhibit focuses on artist Howard Koslow and his over 60 U.S. stamp and postal stationery designs
119 S/68 Upper Bongoland Collectors' Club: Larry Spray Encouragement Award
14 Eric Knapp 4 Raven Story First Day of Issue
Anchorage, AK First day covers and cards of the U.S. 2021 Raven Story stamp
88-91 LS/72 Women Exhibitors: Sterling Achievement Award
15 Bob Helms 8 Mail Flown on Giant US Airships USS Akron and Macon
Garland, TX The history of the giant US airships -- USS Akron and Macon -- is told using flown mail and some rare event covers
53-60 G/87 Military Postal History Society Award; AAMS Gold
16 Joe Huwiler 8 Cross & Numeral / Standing Helvetia 1882-1907
Wohlen, Switzerland Essays, proofs, color shades, mixed frankings and destinations. Rare perforation, retouching, and types of stamps. Esential covers of types of carriage and frankings
  LG/93 AHPS Felix Ganz Memorial Grand Award; AHPS Gold Award
17 Charles O'Brien III 10 The Eagle Has Landed
Atlanta, GA The essays, proofs, stamps, FDCs and usage for the $2.40 priority mail issue commemorating the 20th anniversary of the first moon landing
  LG/92 American First Day Cover Society: Best FDC Award of Excellence
18 Charles O'Brien III 1 The Lexington-Concord Issue of 1925
Atlanta, GA This exhibit studies the stamp design, essays, proofs, and stamp production commemorating the first battles of American independence
19 Roger Heath 10 Swiss Flexible-head Razor Cancellers
Port Townsend, WA This exhibit documents the story of the Swiss experimental flexible-head rotating date wheel cancellers invented by Frederic Decoppet
LG/92 AHPS Silver Award; APS Research Award
20 John Wynns 1 Wings Over the Bahamas
Tucson, AZ A traditional exhibit about the 1969 issue and forerunners
  V/77 AAMS Vermeil
21 Hugh Sebag-Montefiore 7 Postcards of Charles Orens Bonaventure Denizard (1879-1963)
Portland, OR Exhibit introduces viewers to the work of prolific French caricaturist and satirist Orens, whose principal medium was the humble postcard
41-46 LV/83  
22 DongXin Chen 1 German Postal Occupation in ShanDong Coastal Area (Forerunner-1898)
Beijing, P.R.China Postal history about Germany post in Shandong coastal area in the period of the occupation of Kiautschou
23 John Wynns 3 St. Lucia: 1901-1912 Era
Tucson, AZ A study of the mail usage, stamps, and postal stationery
24 Brad Wilde 10 SCADTA: To, from, and through the isthmus of Panama
Washington, DC An in-depth look at SCADTA and the isthmus of PANAMA through postal history from inception until cessation of operation in 1931
  G/89 AAMS Gold
25 Joe Voice 3 US Navy Patrol Wings Over the Pacific
Pasco, WA Philatelic material, picture postcards and period photographs illustrating the story of development and deployment of the long range aerial patrol function in the Pacific
98-100 V/79 AAMS Vermeil
26 Gregg Redner 9 The Evolution of Port Paye' Auxiliary Marking on Pre-philatelic Belgian Mail
Dorchester, ON This exhibit traces the evolution of Port Paye' marks from manuscript to handstamp during the period 1600-1849
27 Louis Fiset 6 US Transatlantic 30-cent Globe Airmail Stamp at Work (1939-1942)
Seattle, WA Uses during prewar, neutrality, and first year of war periods
47-52 G/88 AAPE Gold Award of Honor; AAMS Gold
28 Margaret (from Urbana, IL) 8 The Sunburst Registry Seals of Mexico
Singapore Studies all 24 types of Mexico's sunburst registry seals, with strong emphasis on the die varieties and uses (pre-production material not known to exist)
29 Lloyd Ferrell 1 The U.S. Battleship Oregon (1893-1919)
Beaverton, OR The career of the battleship is illustrated using mail, postcards, and other material from the 1893 launching to final decommissioning in 1919
92 LV/81  
30 Giovanni Balimann 10 The Handling of Bulk Mail by the Swiss Postal Administration
Switzerland Forms, postmarks, and numbered labels up to the introduction of postcodes (exhibit in German)
31 Giovanni Balimann 8 Swiss Parcel Cards
Switzerland Particular emphasis on parcel cards with a "journey's end" in the Swiss Post's area of activity (exhibit in German)
32 Larry and Randy Weirather 1 Pacific Heroes: 1935 - WW2
Vancouver, WA This exhibit honors sung and unsung Pacific heroes through their important personal correspondence flown by Pan American Airways Clipper during this critical time
21 V/75 PIPEX: George Struble Innovation Award; AAMS Vermeil
33 Lloyd Ferrell 2 Transition to War at Pearl Harbor: Navy ships along Ford Island and Battleship Row
Beaverton, OR Features covers from ships at Ford Island and Battleship Row, both before and after the attack on Pearl Harbor
8-9 LV/81  
34 Peter Beer 8 North Atlantic Catapult Flights 1928-1935
Boswil, Switzerland The exhibit shows airmail flown by catapult flights from steanships between USA and Europe including foreign acceptances and combinations with other airmail flights
  G/87 AAMS Gold
35 Frank Blechschmidt 2 The Official Postcards of Great Britain 1870-1901 in the Reign of Queen Victoria
ScSchwarzenberg, Germany The collection shows the official postcards of the kingdom, some mint, some used. Interesting destinations, stamps and proofs as well as essays are shown.
36 Richard Hall 4 The Other Pro Juventute Items
Asheville, NC How to enhance your Pro Juventute stamp collection -- add the Pro Juventute postcards and greeting cards/envelopes
37 Bruce Marsden 5 The Natural and Social History of Switzerland
New Hope, PA A thematic exploration of Switzerland through philately
LV/83 AAPE Creativity in Philatelic Exhibiting Medal
38 George Struble 1 1920 Airmail Service Basel-Frankfurt: What a Fiasco!
Salem, OR Winter weather caused this service to be a miserable failure. But the experience had a strong effect on later Swiss airmail service
153 LG/90 AHPS: Best Swis One-frame Award; AAMS Large Gold
39 Esther Pfister 5 The Dove: the symbol- and messenger bird
Buchrain, Switzerland The dove has retained its symbolic power for thousands of years. Even in the postal service, the dove is of great importance as an emblem.
  G/85 ATA Third
40 Steve McGill 8 The British Non-Denominated Definitive Series 1989-2022
HiHighlands Ranch, CO This exhibit explores the technology, packaging, and value changes in the "forever" British NVIs.
23-30 LG/92 APS: Medal of Excellence: Post-1980
41 Fran Adams 1 The Leticia Incident
San Diego, CA Colombian-Peruvian border conflict of 1932-1934 and the League of Nations’ first international peacekeeping effort
  LG/90 ATA One-frame Merit Award
42 Clemens Albert 5 The New Hebrides (1892-1941)
Freising, Germany Traditional exhibit about the stamps designed for and used in the New Hebrides in the period between 1892 and 1941
43 Roger Heath 5 The Development of Refuse' Markings on Swiss Mail
Port Townsend, WA Swiss Refuse' markings before and after the UPU regulations of 1891 on both international and domestic mail
44 John Wynns 1 Japan: Centennial of the 1860 USA Treaty Issues
Tucson, AZ An exhibit about the 1960 Japan-USA treaty issues
46 Joseph Bock 1 Uses of the 20 Cent US Transport Airmail Series
Sedona, AZ Postal history of the 20-cent transport; battleships sunk or damaged at Pearl Harbor; a variety of unpublished rate uses
22 LV/84 AAMS Vermeil
47 Sam Chiu 5 Chefoo/Yantai, China: Picture Postcards 1898-1911
North York, Ontario Picture postcards of Chefoo/Yantai in the Qing dynasty are shown, following the rise and fall of the most important printer, Sietas & Co. and its competitors
48 Soeren Andersson 1 United States Air Parcel Post to Sweden 1948-1980
Stockholm, Sweden An exhibit of parcel wrappers and fronts with adhesive stamps or meter marks to document the rates
  LV/80 AAMS Vermeil
49 Louis Fiset 1 Political Prisoners' Mail from the 1848 Paris "June Days Uprising"
Seattle, WA Incoming and outgoing mail of Parisian political prisoners generated during the 1848 Paris uprising and aftermath
82 LG/91 Single-Frame Grand Award; American Philatelic Congress Award; Northwest Federation of Stamp Club: Thunderbird Award
50 Naina Dhawan
(youth exhibit)
1 Elephants of the World
Redmond, WA This exhibit showcases the lifestyle of elephants as well as their influence on today's cultures and society
  V/76 AAPE Second Place Youth Award
51 Donald Blais 5 The Evolution of Bridges
Polson, MT To display to the viewer the origins of bridge forms and their construction materials from prehistoric times through modern day
83-87 LS/71 Jean Benninghof Encouragement Award
52 Sylvia Kaelin 8 I Love Chickens
Brittnau, Switzerland The significance of chickens in culture and commerce. Including their keeping, their practical use, and the preservation of individual breeds
  LG/90 AAPE Gold Award of Honor; ATA First
53 Hans Scheibler 8 All Scrap or What?
Brittnau, Switzerland The cycle from primary to secondary raw materials. Mining, processing of the raw material to the final product are shown. Conservation of resources and environmental protection are taken into account.
  G/88 ATA Second
54 Peter Beer 5 Manned Space Stations
Boswil, Switzerland This exhibit shows with event documents and space flown covers the construction, operation, supply and important events of the various space stations
  LV/83 AAMS Vermeil
56 Bob Helms 1 International Destinations for Flugpost am Rhine und Main -- June, 1912
Garland, TX Cards flown by the LZ-10 Schwaben Zeppelin to international destinations during airmail week in Hessen are highlighted
73 G/88 AAMS Gold
57 Jaagruthi Adka
(youth exhibit)
5 Olympics -- Bird's Eye View
Bangalore, India This exhibit is about the bird's eye view of the world's largest sporting extravaganza and all the religious festivities and the venues and disciplies of the Olympic games
  LV/84 AAPE First Place Youth Award
58 Richard Barton 3 William Tell -- World Traveler
Loveland, CO A review of the countries visited by William Tell vicariously as his bust
59 Fran Adams 7 Atlantic Meeting -- 1941
San Diego, CA The top secret "Atlantic meeting" in 1941 between President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill
LG/90 APS: Medal of Excellence: 1940-1980
60 Ross Marshall 5 Poland Galicia Judicial Mail 1919-1933
New Zealand
A rates exhibit of Civil Court mail where the return postage paid by the recipient and postage due steamps used
93-97 G/87  
61 Tony Dewey 1 International Education Bureau Labels for the Service of Intellectual Aid to Prisoners of War
Hartford, CT Labels used bythe International Education Bureau to raise funds to buy educational materials for POWs and internees
154 G/87  
Tony Dewey 8 Swiss Official Stamps for the UNEO and International Agencies
Hartford, CT A synoptic look at the official stamps created by the Swiss P.T.T. for the United Nations European Office and its affiliated agencies
Convening society frames
  AAMS 1 American Air Mail Society: What We Collect
  Society Publicity Frame
AAMS table    
  AHPS 1 American Helvetia Philatelic Society
  Society Publicity Frame
Non-competitive exhibits
81 Mike Adams 1 Punt, Pass, & Collect
Hilsboro, OR A dive into the relationship between the sport of football and the sport of philately
120 Non-competitive  
82 Norma Nielson 8 The Story of Lloyd's: from Coffee to Commerce
Eugene, OR  
74-81 Non-competitive  
83 Ken Sanford 5 Air Crash Mail of Pan American World Airways
Oxford, CT  
84 Joe Voice 3 The Varney Airgram: An Introduction
Pasco, WA Results of a special study presented as a philatelic reference for use by other collectors. Includes a type catalog.
85 George Struble 5 Swiss Airmail to the US: a Rate Study
Salem, OR  
86 George Struble 7 SCADTA mail to and from Switzerland
Salem, OR  
63-69 Non-competitive  
87 Patrick Rodwell 2 A Human Letter -- Lillian Gatlin's Coast-to-coast Flight with the U.S. Air Mail
Seattle, WA In 1922, Lillian Gatlin rode in an open cockpit De Havilland DH-4 mail plane, becoming the first woman passenger to fly coast-to-coast
61-62 Non-competitive  
88 Mark Loomis 1 Loomis post offices -- a family connection
  This one-frame exhibit shows postmarks from active and inactive Loomis post offices and traces the genealogical connection between the exhibitor and the Loomis for whom the town was named.
144 Non-competitive  
89 Josiah W 1 The Wedgwood Booklets
  The first two of Britain's Prestige Booklets, in 1972 and 1980, celebrated Josiah Wedgwood's art
121 Non-competitive  
Club exhibits
C1 Evergreen Stamp Club 1 Club Exhibit
C2 Strait Stamp
1 Club Exhibit
C3 Greater Eugene Stamp Society 1 Club Exhibit
C4 PNW Postal History Society 1 Club Exhibit
C5 Salem Stamp Society 1 Club Exhibit

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