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An American Philatelic Society World Series of Philately (WSP) Event

May 24, 25, 26, 2013

Red Lion Hotel on the River - Jantzen Beach

Portland, Oregon





March 1, 2013 – Deadline for convening societies’ exhibit applications

April 24, 2013 – Deadline for exhibit application and for updated title/synopses pages

May 12, 2013 – Deadline for shipped exhibits

May 23, 2013 – Personal delivery of exhibits



A. Exhibitors:

a) Any collector, regardless of residence or club affiliation, is eligible to enter a competitive exhibit by conforming to the requirements of this prospectus.

b) All competitive exhibits must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor.


B. Exhibit Classes:

a) GENERAL OPEN CLASS is open to any competitive exhibit except those eligible for either the youth or one-frame class. The General Open Class shall be divided into the following sections:

Division 1 POSTAL


Postal History

Postal Stationery



First day Covers in the Postal Division

Division 2 REVENUE

Advertising/Patriotic Covers

Fiscal History

Division 3 THEMATIC


Advertising, Patriotic and Event Covers

Cacheted First Day Covers



Division 6 DISPLAY



The jury may reclassify, without recourse, any exhibit they believe either would be of benefit to the exhibit or has been entered in the incorrect class.


b) FRAMES — Each frame will hold 16 – 8½ inches x 11inches pages. Exhibits with page sizes measuring other than 8.5 inches x 11 inches must receive advance approval of the Exhibit Chairman. For multi-frame exhibits there is a minimum of three frames per exhibit and a maximum of ten. Youth class exhibits may be a minimum of one frame and a maximum of five.

c) YOUTH CLASS is open to exhibitors who will be under the age of 19 as of May 24, 2013. Entry applications for this class shall include a statement, endorsed by an adult, that the entry is the property of, and was prepared by, the entrant.

d) ONE FRAME CLASS – only 12 such exhibits will be accepted with preference given to the convening organizations’ exhibits (the latter until March 1, 2013).





C. Entry:

a) An individual exhibitor may submit more than one entry. In the event the number of entries exceeds the available space, at most only one multi-frame and one single-frame exhibit will be accepted from each exhibitor.

b) All exhibits shall be entered by class and section on the official entry form provided by the PIPEX Exhibit Committee. The correct fees shall accompany the entry form.

c) Entries will be accepted up to April 24, 2013, or until all available space has been filled if that event should occur earlier.

d) Receipt of entries will be promptly acknowledged. Some entries from exhibitors who are not members of convening organizations will be accepted promptly. However, a certain, defined number of frames are reserved for the convening organizations. If these are not filled by March 1, 2013, they will be released to frame applications from the other exhibit entries. The PIPEX Exhibit Committee reserves the right to reject any entry, and to return the application together with related fees before the opening of the exhibition.

e) Signing the official entry form denotes acceptance by the exhibitor of all requirements set out in this prospectus.

f) In order to assist the judges in preparing for the Exhibit, the PIPEX Exhibiting Committee requires that one copy of the title page and/or a one two-sided page synopsis is/are included with the Entry Form. Entries submitted without the title page and/or a synopsis shall not be accepted. Revised title pages and/or synopses may be forwarded by April 24, 2013 to the address shown in section F (c) below. Alternatively they may be sent as pdf files attached to an e-mail addressed to


D. Frames and Pages:

a) Exhibits will be displayed in frames that hold 16 album pages, maximum 8.5 inches by 11 inches in size, in 4 horizontal rows of 4 pages each. Oversize pages or poster displays (up to the frame dimensions) may be accepted from exhibitors who have made arrangements in advance.

b) Pages shall be numbered consecutively on the back, bear the exhibitor's name on the back (not the front), and be enclosed in transparent sheet protectors.

c) Each GENERAL OPEN CLASS exhibit is limited to a maximum of ten (10) frames. Each YOUTH CLASS exhibit is limited to a maximum of five (5) frames.


E. Exhibit Fees:

(a) All exhibitors are required to pay an entry fee of $35 (US funds) irrespective of the number of frames required.  Each frame requested will be charged at $5 (US finds) per frame.  Thus, single frame exhibits shall pay fees of $40 (US funds) each, a 5-frame exhibit $60 (US funds), and a ten frame exhibit $85 (US funds).

(b) Youth Class – Free

Note: If the exhibit is to be returned to the exhibitor by the PIPEX Exhibit Committee after the show, the full amount of return postage plus insurance shall be remitted with the entry application. Please be certain that the correct amount is included. Excess amounts will be refunded.


F. Delivery:

a} Exhibitors can deliver their exhibits in person or via an agent. Otherwise, exhibits should be sent via USPS registered mail or express carrier such as FEDEX. Other material should not be enclosed in the same package with the exhibit.

b) Mailed exhibits must be shipped prepaid to be received by the PIPEX Exhibit Committee no later than May 12, 2013. Exhibits delivered by an exhibitor or an agent may be handed to the PIPEX Exhibit Committee between the hours of 3 and 7 PM, May 23, 2013 at Red Lion Hotel on the River - Janzten Beach, provided that prior notice of such delivery intention is given to the PIPEX Exhibit Committee.



c) If the exhibit is to be mailed via USPS,                    If the exhibit is sent via FEDEX (ie, private carrier),

it should be sent to:                                                      it should be sent to:


Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz                                          Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz

2013 PIPEX Exhibit Chairman                                                2013 PIPEX Exhibit Chairman
PO Box 19568                                                             3130 SW Wilbard St.

Portland, OR 97280                                                     Portland, OR 97219



G. Exhibition Hours/Exhibit Return:

a) The exhibition will open at 10 AM on May 24th and will close at 4 PM on May 26th.

b) No exhibit or part thereof may be mounted, dismounted, or removed during official show hours, or while visitors are present in the exhibit area. Please do not exhibit if you will need to take your exhibit down before 4 PM on May 26, 2013. Those with tight airline schedules will be allowed access to takedown at 4 PM but others will take their position in takedown by lottery.

c) Exhibitors or their agents, on providing proof of identity, may obtain their exhibit from the PIPEX Exhibit Committee immediately after the close of the exhibition.

d) Uncollected exhibits will be returned at the expense of the owner in the manner indicated on the official entry form. If no contrary instructions are given by the exhibitor, uncollected exhibits will be returned as soon after the show as possible by USPS Express Mail.  Please allow sufficient time for processing before making inquiries.


H. Insurance:

a) Exhibit owners must provide their own insurance.

b) All reasonable precautions will be taken for safeguarding the exhibits while they are in the possession of the PIPEX Committee. The exhibit area and bourse will have 24-hour security guards.

c) The exhibitor agrees that no responsibility of any kind or character shall attach to the Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs nor to any officers or members of the same, nor to the Oregon Stamp Society or to any of its officers or members, nor to the PIPEX Committee or to any of its members, nor to the Portland Philatelic Exhibitions, nor to the The Red Lion on the River Hotel or its employees, for any loss or damage to any exhibit or material submitted in competition or non-competition, from any cause whatsoever.


I. Judging:

a) A panel of APS accredited judges has been selected who will make decisions by deliberation and consultation among themselves, and whose decision will be final.

b) Judging will be in accordance with the current APS Manual of Philatelic Judging.

c) Judges will be provided the exhibit title and/or synopsis pages to assist in their preparation.

(d) It is strongly recommended that exhibitors study the latest edition of the APS Manual of Philatelic Judging, available on the APS web site (


J. Awards:

a) No exhibit will be considered for an award if, after three years from its first WSP showing, it does not show major alterations or additions. The decision in such case shall rest with the chairman of the jury.

b) For the GENERAL OPEN CLASS the PIPEX Exhibit Committee will place at the disposition of the judges, PIPEX gold, vermeil, silver, silver-bronze and bronze medals plus ribbons, certificates of award, certificates of appreciation and other awards, including those for the grand award and reserve grand award.

b) For the SINGLE FRAME CLASS, judging will be based on five levels of awards with a grand award for the best single frame exhibit.

c) All awards will be granted in accordance with merits of the exhibit, without regard to section. No award in a class or section will be made if, in the opinion of the judges, the exhibits are of insufficient merit.

d) Awards not bestowed formally during the exhibition will either be delivered when exhibits are collected in person or mailed to the winner.


K. Ruling Authority:

a) Any and all questions that may arise concerning the exhibition which are not provided for by the requirements of this prospectus shall be decided by the PIPEX Host Committee in its sole and absolute discretion.


L. Questions:

Send all correspondence to:


Exhibits Chairman

Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz

PO Box 19568 Portland, OR 97280

(503) 244-8223

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