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Download PIPEX 2013 Bourse Rules as .pdf or .doc


  1. Portland Philatelic Exhibitions (PIPEX) reserves the right to offer participation to only those philatelic professionals who it considers will best serve the public interest.  All dealers must furnish satisfactory references, which may be investigated by the Committee. ASDA membership will be considered as complete satisfaction of this requirement. No Applications will be accepted unless this requisite information is furnished. Only applicants, who are members in good standing of the ASDA, NSDA, CSDA, or dealer members in good standing of the APS, will be considered for PIPEX bourse space. Expulsion of the dealer, or any employee or person assisting the dealer, from ASDA or any national philatelic society will void an Application for Bourse space.

  3. Bourse space may be used only for dealing in philatelic merchandise and related supplies and equipment, and only by the dealer to whom the space is assigned. Bourse space may not be sublet, and can only be shared if there is a single incorporated entity contracting to PIPEX 2013, to which all parties occupying the space are legally bound and accountable. In such instances, both must sign the application.

  5. By acceptance of Bourse space, the Dealer agrees that only merchandise belonging to Dealer (or bona fide consignments to Dealer for sale) will be sold in the Bourse space. No merchandise, including consignments belonging to an assistant or employee of the space-holder, may be sold. It will be presumed that if any merchandise sold or offered for sale from the Bourse space is the property of any person present in the booth during the show (other than the dealer), the Bourse space is being shared in violation of these rules.

  7. Dealers are expected to be fully operating and open for business during show hours. Admission to the show area at other times is restricted exclusively to authorized dealers wearing proper passes provided by the Committee. Admission is limited two hours before the show opens on Friday May 24, to one hour before the show opens on other days. Exceptions to this rule will be made by the Bourse Chairman only in unusual circumstances. Dealers who do not maintain full operations during all business hours of the three days of the show may be subject to omission from consideration for bourse space in future years.

  9. Show Hours
  10. Friday, May 24, 2013, from 10:00 am to 6:00 PM.

    Saturday, May 25, 2013 , from 10:00 am to 6:00 PM.

    Sunday, May 26, 2013, from 10:00 am to 4:00 PM.


  11. Dealer Badges: Each Bourse space fee includes two Dealer's Badges; without exception, no more than two badges will be issued. Dealers requiring entry to the Bourse area outside of show opening times must conspicuously display these badges. It is assumed that one badge will be in the name of the person designated on the Application Form as being the person in charge of a Dealer's Bourse space; dealers should provide the name of the second person in the appropriate space on the Application Form. Second badge holders are required to be working throughout the Show for the booth holder, not for their own account. Dealer Bourse Badges will bear the name of the business and the authorized person and are not transferable. The guards have instructions to refuse admission to anyone not wearing an appropriate badge outside of PIPEX opening times.

  13. Should a dealer require a second badge subsequent to his applying for a single badge, the request must be submitted in writing to the Bourse chair by the dealer.   If a second name is not provided it will be understood that the second Dealer's Badge is not required.

  15. The Bourse space fees detailed in the accompanying schedule are not open to negotiation.  Dealers requiring more than one Bourse space will be required to pay the sum of the individual spaces. There are no discounts for multiple spaces. Extra tables can be provided, if consistent with fire safety regulations and if entirely within the dealer's assigned space.

  17. Bourse space payment: $100.00 (per bourse space) is due with the Application; the balance is due as follows: 50% of balance by 1 January 2013 . Remaining balance is due by 15 March  2013 . Checks should be made payable to Portland Philatelic Exhibitions. Dealers forced to cancel their participation agree to forfeit their down payment unless a qualified replacement assumes the obligation. [In most cases, this can be accomplished if adequate notice is given.] Regardless of whether space is resold to a qualified replacement: Dealers who cancel after January 15, 2013 will forfeit 10% of the total Bourse space fee. Dealers who cancel after March 15, 2013 will forfeit 25% of the Bourse space fee.

  19. All Bourse spaces will be maintained in an orderly and presentable condition and in keeping with the general scheme of the exhibition. All dealers are expected to be appropriately dressed.

  21. Nothing may be posted on, nailed or screwed or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floors or other parts of the building or furniture.

  23. No electrical appliance of any sort, e.g., table lamps, calculators, computers, etc., may be connected to any electrical outlet in either the hotel Ballroom or Foyer areas except by prior arrangement. Dealers requiring 115v electrical supply at their Bourse space must request it in advance using the appropriate check boxes on the Application Form.

  25. Materials for use in Bourse spaces must be delivered to the Ballroom Entrance of the Doubletree Hotel at the Lloyd Center. Materials may not be delivered through the hotel's guest entrance lobby. Vehicles must not be left unattended in the unloading area; vehicles must be moved immediately after unloading.

  27. Trash receptacles will be located throughout the Bourse area.  Dealers should place their trash in such receptacles.  Dealers are responsible for keeping their booths trash free.  The hotel staff shall not clean inside booth spaces.


  31. Accommodation: Dealers are encouraged to stay at the show hotel Doubletree Hotel at the Lloyd Center.  PIPEX has arranged special rates for PIPEX participants.  The Doubletree Hotel at the Lloyd Center guarantees the special PIPEX rate for three days before and after the show dates. Details of accommodation rates, and a link to the hotel for reservations is to be found on the PIPEX website:

  33. Guard Service/Security: The Show will be under 24-hour supervised guard beginning at 2:00 PM Thursday, May 23 2013, through 6:00 PM Sunday, May 28 2013 .

  35. Sales Tax: Dealers are reminded that Oregon does not impose a sales tax.

  37. The PIPEX 2013 Show Committee reserves the right to make the final interpretation of these rules and to make decisions on matters, not covered in these rules, which may arise.

  39. Dealers are hereby advised that non-compliance with any of these rules may result in the Dealer not being invited to return to any future PIPEX show.

  41. Dealers are also advised that PIPEX is under no obligation to lease Bourse space to any particular Dealer at future shows. PIPEX may change a certain percentage of dealers every year to conform to the interests of participating philatelic societies and the wishes of the PIPEX 2013 Show Committee, and cannot guarantee continuing participation at future PIPEX shows to any Dealer.

  43. By signing the Application for Bourse Space Form, the Dealer agrees to the following: The Dealer assumes entire responsibility and hereby agrees so protect, indemnify, defend and save the Portland Philatelic Exhibitions (PIPEX), the Red Lion Hotel on the River at Jantzen Beach, and their employees and agents harmless against all claims, losses and damages to persons or property, governmental charges or fines and attorney's fees arising out of or caused by Dealer's installation, removal, maintenance, occupancy or use of the exhibition premises or a part thereof excluding any such liability caused by the sole negligence of Portland Philatelic Exhibitions (PIPEX), the Red Lion on the River Hotel at Jantzen Beach, and their employees and agents.


In addition, the bourse participant agrees that Portland Philatelic Exhibitions (PIPEX) and the Red Lion Hotel on the River at Jantzen Beach do not maintain insurance covering Dealer's property and that it is the sole responsibility of the Dealer to obtain business interruption and property damage insurance covering such losses by Dealer.


Signature of the Application for Bourse Space Form and its acceptance by the PIPEX 2013 Show Committee constitute a contract in accordance with the terms herein.

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