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Bourse Plan


Dealer Name/Information


1 Gary Hoecker
Clackamas, OR
(503) 698-4128
U.S. Mint and Used, Plate Blocks, PNC, Modern Varieties,
and Booklets. BOB including Airs, Cut Squares, Revenues,
and Ducks, Freaks and Errors, Sheets.
2 Bayard's Classic Stamps
Bayard Mentrum
Portland, OR
(503) 248-0879 
Stamps and Coins, Classic Stamps Worldwide (Specialty in France).
3 DK Enterprise
Dick Kaiser
Silverdale, WA
(360) 692-3818
U. S. Stamps, Worldwide Stamps, Collections, Covers, Postal History, State and Federal Revenues, Postcards. Our specialty is military, naval, P.O.W. (prisoner of war) and internment camp postal history.
4 Klein Collectibles, Robert Klein
Bellevue, WA
(425) 747-2813
GB Commonwealth, France and colonies, Germany and
offices, Baltics, Airmails & postage dues. Covers of the
world. Topicals.
5 James Taff Company
Jim Taff
Sacramento, CA
(916) 454-9007
Confederate States, German Area, French Colonies, British Colonies.


6 Jim Leer Stamps and Supplies
Jim Leer
Oroville. CA
(530) 533-3455
Collections, High Quality U.S. and Worldwide Stamps and Supplies.
7 Markowitz Stamps, David Markowitz
Portland, OR
(503) 228-9757
Worldwide sets and singles to the 1940's, Country collections, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal.
8 Zirinsky Stamps, Steven Zirinsky
New York, NY
(718) 706 0616
Stamps, Revenues and Postal History, Specialist in South Paciifc, Australia, New Zealand and more.
9 Dale Forster
Portland, OR
(503) 228-6399
British Commonwealth, Postal History, Australian States, New Zealand.
10 Chris Hall
Kalispell, MT
(406) 212-7231
United States , Canada, Worldwide Stamps, Topicals and Revenues.
11 Horse Heaven Stamps & Covers
Kennewick, WA 99336
Steve Recher
(509) 582-8784
Stamps, Collections, Covers, Letters, Post Cards.
12 K & R Enterprises, Dick Kostka
Thompson Falls, MT
(406) 827-1958
Changing inventory of early U.S., Canada, Western Europe, British, and South American.
13 Classic Asia Pacific Stamps,
Stephen Inkleberger
Chehalis, WA
(360) 748-8851
China (all areas), Russia, India, Hawaii, US Possessions,
SE Asia. Pacific Rim Nations.
14 - 15 Asia Philatelics, Richard Clever
San Jose, CA
(408) 238-0893
Ireland, Taiwan, PRC China, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Korea, and Singapore.
16 Grant's Stamps, Grant Willaims
Vernonia, OR
(503) 429-1701
US classics - Mint and Used. Covers, Sheets, Plate Blocks.
17 The Stamp Act, Bob Chang
Belmont, CA
(650) 703-2342
Asian Collections, Mini-country lots, British Commonwealth
18 African Drummer
Keith Moreland
Lynnwood, WA
(425) 438-8299 
All African materials.
19 Oceanview Stamp Co.
William Hontos
Huntington Beach, CA
(714) 841-0304
U. S. Stamps, Western Europe.
20 D & P Stamps, Don & Pat McElroy
Chula Vista, CA
(619) 987-1019
French Colonies, Portugal and Colonies, British Colonies, Italy and Colonies, Latin America, Middle East, Worldwide.
21 Ptarmigan Stamps & Covers
Sergio Lugo
Denver, CO
(303) 691-0393
Latin American Stamps, Covers, Postcards, Military.
22 Coast Philatelics
Bob & Barbra Chisholm
Costa Mesa, CA
(714) 545-1791
U. S. and Worldwide Stamps, U. S. and Worldwide Covers, Topicals, Picture Postcards.
23 Bob Burger Stamps
Keizer, OR
(503) 390-9074 
Worldwide Stamps.
24 Ed Dimmick
Concord, CA
(925) 938-4116
Stamps by topic and country.
25 Gutter Pairs, Etc.
Peter & Michael Gutter
Carson City, NV
(775) 841-6241
Russia & Rebublics, RSFSR, Russian Empire, USSR, ZEMSTVOS, Postal History, Covers, Stationery.
26 Hall Philatelics, Jim Hall
Kirkland, WA
(425) 822-3227
New Stamps - Worldwide, Topicals, Scandinavia. US & BOB. Canadian and British Commonwealth.
27 Weinstock Stamps & Covers
Larry Weinstock
Portland, OR
(503) 762-4116
U.S. & Possessions Stamps and Covers, BNA, British &
French colonies. Worldwideand Airmail covers. Philatelic literature.
28 - 29 A & D Stamps & Coins
Jim and Sue Dempsey
Walnut Creek, CA
(925) 935-8212 
U. S., Canada, Worldwide, U. N.
30 Clark Philatelics, Clark Frazier
Redmond, WA
(425) 702-1929
U.S. Classics, Washington/Franklin issues, U.S. and State revenues, U.S Proofs and Essays, Canada Revenues.
31 Kay & Co., Mal Batchlor
Bend, OR
(541) 312-4260
British Commonwealth, India and States, Malaya, New Zealand.
32 Stamp Center of Texas, Kurt Harding
Boerne, TX
(830) 816-5338
Worldwide Stamps, Topical covers, Worldwide Postal History.
33 A to Z Stamps, Michael Ball
Phoenix, AZ
(866) 782-6799
Worldwide Classic to Modern, U. S. Stamps, Back of Book, British Commonwealth.
34 Gary Tiffin Stamps
Turner, OR
(503) 743-2306
Icebear Stamps, Mike Luttio
Eugene, OR
(541) 461-0890
U. S. Stamps, British Stamps, Worldwide Stamps.

Scandanavian Stamps.
35 Fairwinds
Paul and Becky Huber
Beaufort, NC
252 504-2137
Postal History, Naval Covers, Postcards.
36 - 37 Stamp Art, Tom Kinsberg
Lincoln City, OR
(503) 910-9552
U. S. Stamps and Worldwide Stamps.
38 Michael Jaffe Stamps / Brookman Stamp Company Vancouver, WA
(800) 782-6770
(360) 695-1391 (outside the U.S.)
U. S. Stamps, Airmail Stamps, Federal Duck Stamps, Mint U. S. Envelopes and Postcards, United Nations, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palua, Canada, Newfoundland.

Alphabeticalized Listing of Dealers

A & D Stamps & Coins 28-29 A to Z Stamps 33 African Drummer 18
Asia Philatelics 14-15 Bayard's Classic Stamps 2 Bob Burger Stamps 23
Clark Philatelics 30 Classic Asia Pacific Stamps 13 Coast Philatelics 22
D & P Stamps 20 DK Enterprises 3 Ed Dimmick 24
Fairwinds 35 Dale Forster 9 Gutter Pairs, Etc. 25
Grants Stamps 16 Chris Hall 10 Hall Philatelics 26
Gary Hoecker 1 Horse Heaven Stamps & Covers 11 Ice Bear Stamps 34
Michael Jaffe Stamps Brookman 38 K & R Enterprises 12 Kay & Co. 31
Klein Collectibles 4 Jim Leer Stamps and Supplies 6 Sergio Lugo 21
Markowitz Stamps 7 Oceanview Stamp Co. 19 Stamp Art 36-37
The Stamp Act 17 Stamp Center of Texas 32 James Taff Company 5
Gary Tiffin Stamps 34 Weinstock Stamps & Covers 27 Zirinsky Stamps 8
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