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ALL exhibits will be mounted physically in frames at the show and will be judged in the frames. 

Exhibitors are encouraged also to submit their exhibits virtually, to be posted on the PIPEX website. 

May 3 - 5, 2024

Monarch Hotel, 12566 SE 93rd Ave,
Clackamas, OR 97015 (just outside Portland)


Important Dates

February 20, 2024
March 20
April 15
April 30
May 2

Deadline for convening societies’ exhibit application preference
Deadline for exhibit applications and for updated title/synopses pages
Deadline for receipt of virtual copies of exhibits
Deadline for receipt of shipped exhibits
Personal delivery of exhibits

Individual Exhibits

Prospectus for PIPEX 2024 – Downloadable, printable PDF file

Exhibit Entry Form – Downloadable, printable PDF file

Club Exhibits

As the entry deadline approaches, we can now confirm space to include club exhibits in PIPEX 2024. 

Exhibits from each of the clubs in the Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs are welcome.  Club Exhibits are intended to showcase the stamp clubs in the Northwest Federation and the interests of their members, and to encourage exhibiting among their members.  Each exhibit is one frame, with pages supplied preferably by fifteen club members, plus a page of information about the club.  Club exhibits will not be judged by the PIPEX jury, but show attendees will vote on the best, and a trophy will be awarded (to be held until the next PIPEX). 

Club exhibit entry forms should be emailed to Norma Nielson to arrive by March 25, 2024, in order to be listed in the show program.

Club Exhibit Prospectus -- Downloadable, printable PDF file

Club Exhibit Entry Form -- Downloadable, printable PDF file

Entry form here. 

Competitive Exhibits
Frame No. Name No. of Frames Exhibit Title: if the title is bold, the link is to the complete exhibit; otherwise, the link is to the title page
Address Description
1 Louis Fiset 1 U.S. Internment of Latin American Deportees (1942-1946)
Seattle,WA To show internment of German, Italian, and Japanese civilians brought to U.S. for confinement in War and Justice Department camps.
  Large Vermeil  
2-8 George Struble 7 SCADTA Mail to and from Switzerland
Salem, OR Mail carriage by SCADTA was not a government service until 1932, so SCADTA's own stamps were needed. The story continues until nationalization in 1940.
  Large Gold  
9-14 David Jay 6 Rail and Ship Marks of the St. Petersburg City Post, 1870-1916
Portland, OR This exhibit displays St. Petersburg City Post markings used 1870-1916, including Station and Port, sorting, and TPO-like marks, based on an unprecedented assemblage of material.
15 Carol J. Edholm 1 Cacao: The Path to Chocolate
Mountlake Terrace, WA Postcard exhibit walks through from cacao pods to processing into cocoa to finished chocolate product.
  Large Vermeil  
16-21 Donald Blais 6 The Evolution of Bridges
Polson, MT The origins of bridge forms and their construction materials from prehistoric to modern times.
  Large Silver  
22-29 Alfredo Frohlich 8 United States of Colombia 1868-1881
Aventura, FL Development of the six Colombian Post classic issues of 1868 prior to Colombia joining the U.P.U.
  Large Gold  
30 Tim Bergquist 1 The 13-cent U.S. Commemorative stamps
Eugene, OR This exhibit highlights the various 13-cent commemorative stamps issued by the U.S.
31 Yumiko Ramirez 1 Mexico through the Eyes of Lance Wyman
Imperial Beach, CA The story of stamps designed by Lance Wyman with special attention to translate into Spanish an iconic journey that started with winning the 1968 Mexicaqn Olympic logo competition.
32-36 Jason Yang 5 Handling undeliverable mail to killed and missing soldiers in the German feldpost system, 1939-1945
Richmond, BC Applying return markings on mail to KIA/MIA soldiers in WWII: from derivatives of WWI styles used in 1939, to different formats per wartime Reichpost directives.
Large Vermeil
37-44 Hugh Lawrence 8 Postal Rates during the Gold Yuan Era
Encenitas, CA The Chinese Hyperinflation of 1948
  Large Gold  
45 Hugh Lawrence 1 The Non-Denominated Domestic Air Letter Sheets of China (1948-1956)
Encenitas, CA An Experiment, A Political Statement, and an Unintended Gift
46-53 Eric Knapp 8 Alaska at War
Anchorage, AK The little-known story of World War II in Alaska and Western Canada. From neglected territories to a campaign of reconquest to a vital supply conduit.
  Large Vermeil  
54-59 Louis Fiset 6 Japanese American Soldiers in World War II
Seattle, WA Mail of Japanese American soldiers from 1941-1947, including basic training, six campaigns in Italy and France, and linguist service in the Pacific theater.
60 Lloyd Ferrell 1 The U.S. Battleship Oregon (1893-1919)
Beaverton, OR The career of the battleship Oregon is illustrated using mail, postcards, and other material from 1893 launching to final decommissioning in 1919.
  Large Vermeil  
61-70 Alan Hanzl 10 The Partitioning of Czechoslovakia (1938-1939)
Mayvield Village, OH A presentation of the stamp issues created for the various Czechoslovak territories from 18 June 1938 to 31 August 1939 encompassing the partitioning period.
  Large Vermeil  
71-75 Ulf J. Lindahl 5 Project 19 Most Secret - APO 617 in Eritrea
Riverside, CT Postal history of top secret Project 19 - APO 617 at Guia, Eritrea in 1942-45
  Large Vermeil  
76-82 Ralph Nafziger 7 Auxiliary Markings on U.S. First Day Covers
Albany, OR The flow of first day covers through the mail stream, as evidenced by a wide variety of auxiliary markings and postmarks, is shown.
  Large Vermeil  
83-90 James A. Buckner 8 Czechoslovakia's Newspaper Stamps 1918-1939
Athens, GA This exhibit tells the story of the Czechoslak Republic's newspaper post during the period of the First Republic (1918-1939).
91-100 John M. Hotchner 10 20th century U.S. auxiliary markings documenting delay of, or inability to deliver, the mail. The first 50 years (1900-1950).
Falls Church, VA  
101-105 Roger Heath 5 100 years of Refused Markings on Swiss Mail
Port Townsend, WA The development of Swiss refusé markings between the 1850s and 1950s.
106 Mikayla A. Kaloustian 1 African Elephants: An Animal That Never Forgets
Menifee, CA A topical single frame youth exhibit on African elephants
  Large Vermeil  
107-111 Michael Dixon 5 Napoleon Bonaparte: From Waterloo to Hôtel des Invalides
Portland, OR Using picture postcards, this exhibit traces the fate of Napoleon from his defeat at Waterloo through his exile and death in St Helena to reburial in Paris.
  Large Gold  
112 Emory Earl Toops 1 The Insurrectionist Issues of Laos, 1961 and 1974
Fort Wayne, IN A one-frame study of stamps issued in 1961 by the "Neutralist" alternative government of the Kingdom of Laos and the 1974 Communist Pathet Lao issues.
113 Louis Fiset 1 1871 Commune of Paris Prisoners' Mail
Seattle, WA Mail of prisoners generated during the first months after the fall of the Commune of Paris to French troops in May 1871.
  Large Gold  
114-118 Steve Staton 5 Las Vegas Performers and Artists on Picture Postcards
Salem, OR The exhibit hopes to keep alive the memory of those who have performed in Las Vegas.
  Silver Bronze  
119-120 David Spivack 2 The Overprinted Great Britain ½d Jubilee used in Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1887-1902
Irvine, CA The Exhibit shows comprehensively the development of the overprinted halfpenny stamp from the Great Britain Jubilee series used in British Bechuanaland and Bechuanaland Protectorate in 1887 through 1902.
  Large Gold  
121-124 David Spivack 4 The Great Britain Unappropriated Dies Appropriated for Use in British Bechuanaland and Bechuanaland Protectorate from 1884 through 1918
Irvine, CA The Exhibit reviews the development and use of the Great Britain Unappropriated Dies stamps used in British Bechuanaland and Bechuanaland Protectorate from 1884 through 1918.
125-128 Christopher Dahle 4 Philately of Rhodesia and Nyasaland – 1954-1964
Cedar Rapids, IA The stamps produced during the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland and their postal usage, postage due, meters and free franks.
  Large Vermeil  
129-132 Norma Nielson 4 Fabergé’s Imperial Easter Eggs: Exquisite Extravagance
Eugene, OR Postcard exhibit showing Fabergé’s Imperial Easter eggs. All postcards of the multi-million-dollar eggs are modern because for decades they were not deemed to be of particular artistic or cultural value.
133 Donna Trathen 1 Canada's First RCMP Stamp (1935)
Calgary, AB To show the design, production, varieties, and usages of the 1935 RCMP stamp.
  Large Vermeil  
134-136 Hal Leland 3 The One Cent Issue of 1869: The Making and Use of a Classic U.S. Stamp
Edmonds, WA The story of the one-cent U.S. 1869 stamp, as told via essays, proofs, stamps, cancellations and covers.
  Large Vermeil  
137-146 George Struble 10 Getting Swiss Airmail off the Ground
Salem, OR Development of Swiss airmail from the first flown mail in 1913 to 1939, when WWII shut it down.
147  Roger Santala 1 Jaakarit: The 27th Royal Prussian Jager Battalion
Billings, MT 27th Jager Battalion: Finnish volunteers trained by Germany, serving on the East Front 1916, returning to Finland during the civil war. Military history told by post.
148 Dann Mayo 1 LATI Mail to the United States
Beloxi, MS Mail carried by the short-lived Italian air service via South America.
  Large Vermeil  
Noncompetitive Exhibits
153 Participating Society 1 Salem Stamp Society
154 Participating Society 1 Oregon Stamp Society
155 Participating Society 1 Society for Czechoslovak Philately
156 Participating Society/Ralph Nafziger 1 What are Auxiliary Markings?
158 PPE 1 PIPEX History
160 Mark Loomis 1 The Southern Rhodesia 50TH Anniversary of the Occupation of Matabeleland Commemmorative
  This one-frame exhibit shows the issued stamp, production, first day covers and use of the Southern Rhodesia Occupation of Matabeleland Commemorative issue of 1943.
Virtual only Dickson Preston 4 Posthorn Postal History
Seattle, WA Uses of the 1951 Defiitive Series of West Germany.
Virtual only Dickson Preston 2 U.S. Army Post Offices in Greenland 1941-1945
Seattle, WA Show U.S. APO mail from isolated outposts in Greenand, including U.S. bases, postmark types, and covers with special features.
Virtual only Dickson Preston 1 Off-Color 3¢ Commemoratives 1893-1940
Seattle, WA Show uses of the four 3c commemoratives which were not issued in purple, the standard color for 3c stamps from 1890-1945.

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